What makes f(tech) a great place?

At function of Tech, we are committed to creating the best consulting experience both for clients and staff. Join us in driving technology transformation in great leaps across industries.

Interested? Learn the inner workings of how we engage with clients to generate superior returns on consulting engagements. Together, we can unlock the potential of technology.

Our core values & beliefs

Our core values and beliefs set the scene for how we engage with each other and our clients, and are the secrets behind how we deliver great results. Everyday at work, we live all of these values and hold each other accountable to them.

Health-first mindset

foT is committed to ensuring that everyone working here grow and develop across all health dimensions: Physical Health, Mental Resilience and Professional Capacity.

No one here is asked to sacrifice any health dimension for short term results, nor long term career advancement. We believe healthy people perform better and are more creative, and that an explicit focus on growing our people’s health metrics leads to better results for our clients.

Working here is not putting your life on pause. We enjoy every day here – not only because it is filled of meaningful work with great people – but because we also allow ourselves to every day grow our interests and creating lasting memories. We believe two important keys to achieving peak performance at work are: frequent downtime, and a team culture that puts everyone in their peak state-of-mind.

We are obsessive about skill development, and acknowledge that learning is a never-ending journey. We always look for ways to hone our skills and identify opportunities to improve our personal efficiency.

And yes, all consultants get a professional coach to accelerate personal development and gain mastery of work life balance.

Client value focus

​​​​When working side-by-side with client staff, we not only ensure our that our solutions create maximum value, but are also dedicated to leveraging our delivery approach to maximize involvement and learning of client staff. By applying efficient project delivery practices and ceremonies – as well as digital tools – we further the knowledge of great ways of working in the client teams we serve. Our “show-not-tell” approach to best practice project execution runs as a common pattern across all our activities from start to end of our engagement.

World class products

We strive to deliver everything we do as world class products and standardized offerings in order to maximize impact of our engagements. The formula is focused on shortening time to benefit and utilizing proven ways to increase value of output.

Our services are condensations of decades of experience put into practice for our clients. We do it because we are passionate about the offering, great at what we do, and our services offer superior value. We are confident this promise to excellence is a strong driver of customer satisfaction and helps create more trusting relationships with our clients.


Tech is at the heart of what we do. Our core is tech advisory and implementation – but we also develop and implement software (and hardware) in our own processes to boost the value of our services.

We embrace digital and automation to make work easier, more effective and joyful. Our people are encouraged to spot inefficient work and form task forces to eliminate it.

We work smart & hard (not long)

We know that the regular work week won’t change the world, but we never sit off time at work either. We genuinely believe that carving out time every day for non-work activities makes us more focused on completion and prioritization of the right activities.

Weekend and late night work are not part of our culture. Simply put, we do not allow poor planning or inefficiencies to cause negative ripple-effects across our teams and deliveries. Instead, we are committed to utilizing other mechanisms (than intense labor in odd hours) to proactively handle such deficiencies.

Our backlog focus borders to holy. Teams work on weekly backlogs shared and prioritized with the client. Teams strive to minimize changes within the week, and always look to remove low-value tasks. Senior leaders respect the backlog and sprint planning process, and understand their role in creating the right conditions for creativity.

We are convinced that one of the best ways to find smarter ways of working is to cherish retrospectives, and care out focus time to reflect on how to improve how we work as a team.

Consulting is a Craft

Consulting is a craft, not a steppingstone or pyramid game. What drives us, is to spread among our clients the magic feeling of having worked with true professionals – passionate about what they do and capable of shining light on complex topics.

We believe consulting is about strong professionals delivering high quality impact to client organizations and building lifelong friendships while doing so.

We have set ourselves on a trajectory to leave lasting marks wherever we go, and are committed to transform ourselves and everything we do to push the boundaries of consulting.