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We strive to deliver everything we do as world class products and leverage standardized components tailored to each engagement and client in order to maximize impact.

Tech Due Diligence Services

TechCheckIs your tech platform future proof?

Our Technology Due Diligence services help management and private equity to secure new investments, strategies and growth plans. 

Both buyers and sellers can benefit from our proven framework that is based on experience from 100+ engagements executed across the globe.

Our methodology is unique in its focus on business value over technical details, answering key investment considerations in four questions:

Can the platform scale in line with growth plans?

Have key technologies and customer needs been addressed?

Are security risks known and proactively addressed?

Is the development organization efficient?

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Services for Tech Companies

Sell-side preparation

We help tech companies seeking investment and wanting actionable input on how to accelerate value creation and prepare for
a successful investor evaluation.

Second Opinion

We support you when looking to pursue a new strategic direction and wanting to ensure that the required Tech foundation is in place and that the Tech strategy is viable.

Operational Excellence

We provide support for tech companies that are searching for a framework for ensuring scalability and improving effectiveness of the tech organization.

Add-on Acquisition Support

We help you to secure and demonstrate compatibility and synergies when preparing for add-on acquisitions.

Product Development Acceleration

We assist you to achieve acceleration through a well-defined product development strategy and agile methodologies.

Product & Tech Strategy Formulation

We support you in future-proofing your portfolio, technologies and platforms through developing your strategy.

Services for Corporations

​​​​We are dedicated to maximize involvement and learning of your staff while shipping great output. By applying efficient project delivery practices – as well as digital tools – we advance the ways of working in the client teams we serve.

IT- and Tech Platform Assessment

Tech assessments is at the heart of what we do – it is here we distill all our collective tech experience to golden bitstreams of strategic advice directed towards your highest priority: ensuring a future-proof tech platform. Engage us here, and we promise that we will deliver advice in an inspirational format that elevates your perspectives.

IT Project & Program Management

We can assume project leadership of any key IT change in your organization, be it from two weeks to two years. Our approach centers on making project execution simple and enjoyable to participate in, with transparency on progress and alignment on key objectives and trade-offs.

Program management support, or help to establish program office capabilities can also be provided.

Product Management & Development Support

We provide temporary rocket fuel to your most critical application development endeavors by injecting expertise along the full tech spectrum with focus on customer needs and agile.

In addition to achieving excellent end user value, we strive to add to your overall permanent development capability by finding areas to strengthen your development process as part of our engagement.

IT Sourcing

We are eager to support you in finding the best vendor for you key sourcing objects / RFPs by employing a proven agile sourcing model – ideal for large and complex deals.

Our method is efficient as it cuts through long pre-studies, instead focused on tapping into the latest market intelligence by leveraging a competitive dialog format with up to three proven vendors.